[Eden: It’s an Endless World] by Endo Hiroaki

A very heavy read, and quite depressing. This series has the richest variety of ethnic groups, geography, scientific and medical jargon, politics, economics, sociology, theology, and all the other -ologies - that I’ve ever seen in a manga series. It must’ve taken a LOT of research. Not to mention the special appearance of our lovely city CAIRNS!!! :D

I thought I was taking a study break, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Not to mention all my OTPs were torn apart by death of the worst kind. Good thing I only ship Kenji with myself :p

But it is fantastic. A must-read.

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    Aaaah, Mana! Yeah, that was… a mess. Ahahaha, hey, I’m glad I made you read it! You know, it’s some big accomplishment...
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    (Aaah I meant Elijah’s sister Mana not Ennoia!! I don’t know why I mixed up their names. Yeah, I didn’t like Ennoia...
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    its soooooooooooo under-appreciated it hurts
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